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Visualizing Kitchen Remodeling for an Old House

It took us six years to save $35,000 for a kitchen remodeling in our 70-year-old home. I'm so afraid we'll spend the money and not get what we want. What do kitchen designers charge for consulting, and how can they show us what it will look like?

Cost of Using a Designer for Kitchen Remodeling

We're planning some pretty extensive kitchen remodeling, and friends suggest we use a kitchen designer. I'm not sure if most designers get paid an hourly fee, or if they make their money from markups on the kitchen remodeling components that they help us purchase. Please enlighten us!

Home Addition Design Costs

I used a CAD design program to draw up plans for a home addition and they're very bland. Cookie-cutter. I know I need to have a structural engineer double check it to get permits. Before I give up, are there templates for additions that can be a little more creative, or should I punt and hire a kitchen designer?

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