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Frameless Kitchen Cabinet Doors

All my favorite kitchens have frameless kitchen cabinet doors. Can I use my existing cabinet boxes and just add cabinet doors and hidden hinges to achieve that look? I am thinking I might need to somehow remove the front frame panel from the cabinet boxes. How much should I expect to pay a contractor to do that?

Using Low VOC Cabinet Finish

I've used FSC-certified hardwoods on my new Florida kitchen cabinets and doors. Our kitchen remodeling goal was to stay on the sustainable side of everything where possible. Now I hear that it's hard to find low-VOC finishes and that they're tricky to apply. Even water-based finishes can have high VOCs. Are they, and low-VOC adhesives, expensive?

Kitchen Painting and Cost for Liquid Sandpaper

I keep hearing about liquid sandpaper. What's the cost compared with buying sandpaper and using a sander? Our Santa Monica home's kitchen cabinets were originally painted with a glossy paint and look terrible. Are there any safety precautions you need to observe in using liquid sandpaper?

Help Attaching Kitchen Cabinets

I'm going to admit my mistake. I put in replacement kitchen cabinets myself but I didn't get all of them into studs. The entire wall over the sink and stove has cabinets, and now some of them just don't look plumb. Please don't say I'm back to square one!

The Cost of Cabinet Panel Failure

I thought the panels in the kitchen cabinets looked a little swollen, but now a carpenter tells me that three are actually buckled. I don't think anything cosmetic can help. Am I looking at a total cabinet replacement, or can the existing cabinet doors be fixed and matched correctly? Is the savings of repair over replacement worth considering?

Finding the Best Kitchen Island

Last year we replaced our kitchen cabinets, but it doesn't take us long to run out of storage. Now I'm thinking of putting in a kitchen island, but I don't need the rock of Gibraltar consuming my house. Do you recommend rolling islands or are we better off with an island anchored to the center of the kitchen?

Installing Glass Doors in Kitchen Cabinets

My kitchen cabinets look worn out and ugly. I love the idea of replacing the cabinet doors, but I'm not sure I want laminate. Is there a less expensive way to add new cabinet doors with those attractive glass inserts without breaking the bank?

How do I securely anchor kitchen cabinets to the wall?

Here in Southern California, rocking and rolling in an earthquake is not uncommon. My husband is very handy and is taking it upon himself to install our new kitchen cabinets. What is the best way to anchor them to the wall so they stay as secure as possible?

Cost of Replacing Kitchen Cabinets With Deep Drawers

I was eager to start replacing kitchen cabinets in our Portland, Maine house. I was hoping to replace some of the cabinets with spacious, deep drawers. The contractor said that this would increase my cost a great deal. Can you explain why?

What is a floating floor? And do I need it under kitchen cabinets?

What exactly is a floating floor? I was told I may need it under the new kitchen cabinets that I am planning to installed. Is this necessary?

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