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Can you lighten the stain on kitchen cabinets?

My kitchen cabinets are stained a darker walnut and I would like to lighten the color. This isn't new stain they have been finished 20 years ago. I would prefer not to paint the cabinets.

Is Cabinet Installation a Do-It-Yourself Task?

The house we bought has new kitchen cabinets and we asked that the old cabinets be left in the garage. We can use them in the garage for storage. There's a six-foot run and an eight foot run of upper and lower cabinets. Approximately what might it cost to get them installed?

Can Cabinet Refacing be Done on Metal Cabinets?

I don't like the metal European kitchen cabinets in our Dover, Delaware, home we purchased, even though they're of excellent quality. As a cabinet refacing idea, I'd like to paint the metal cases and replace the metal doors with wood ones. Are the cabinets strong enough for the weight of wood doors?

Replacing Chicago Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

One of the four stacked cabinet drawers in the kitchen has either hopped the track or the track of the glide roller is busted. It won't pull all the way out no matter what I do. I've removed as many screws as I can from the track without any luck. I don't want to damage it further. Any suggestions?

Looking at Kitchen Cabinet Warranties

I'm a little confused about the tier system for getting warranties on new kitchen cabinets. Some are for a year, then five years, then 10 years, and then lifetime. Any decent set of kitchen cabinets should last ten years. Right? Why would I choose a warranty under ten years?

Thermofoil Kitchen Cabinets

I hadn't heard of thermofoil kitchen cabinets until recently. I know it's measured in the linear foot. Are there standardized grades of kitchen cabinet veneer and laminates? I'm looking for the middle range for each option for starters. Are they a good choice here in Milwaukee?

Are RTF Laminates Good Enough?

I'm trying to cost out a new set of kitchen cabinets and drawers. A friend said he had decent wear resistance from his RTF laminate cabinet job. How does the RTF compare with plastic? We live in California. Cheapest is not always best when it comes to kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting or Laminates?

I want to sell our home in New Jersey, but not in this market. There are plywood kitchen cabinets in the upstairs rental we have and the doors are worn. Is is smarter to add strip laminate or paint them as opposed to having them redone completely? Could it negatively affect our home value?

How to Cut Wood Veneer

I'd like to dress up the kitchen cabinets with veneer. It's a small kitchen, so I want to do the work on my own. I also know a good supplier of bird's eye maple. I want to know the right way to cut it without ruining any pieces. A carpenter friend said I should use his variable speed rotary saw. I thought you can cut cabinet pieces with a utility knife.

Cost for Toe Kicks for Kitchen Cabinets

I've done my own kitchen cabinets and the kit did not come with toe kicks. So I'm making those, too. I think I should stain them with matching paint before installing them. I'm more concerned about cutting them short enough to fit and whether I'll damage the paint when installing them. You have ideas?

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