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What is the average price for refacing kitchen cabinets?

My kitchen has a row of 5 base cabinets and 5 wall cabinets. What might it cost to have someone reface the cabinets with laminate? Thank you.

How can I fix the large gaps in my kitchen floor boards?

The floating wood laminate flooring in my kitchen has several noticeable gaps between some of the floor boards. Unfortunately, some of these boards extend under the kitchen cabinets so I can not easily re(move) them to fix the problem. Any ideas how I can get rid of the gaps along the edges of the floor boards?

What is the average cost to repair sheetrock walls?

I need to hire someone to repair approximately 32 sq.ft of sheetrock that is behind my kitchen cabinets. I think that the sheet rock, as well as the insulation needs to be replaced. How much should I expect to pay for this type of repair?

What do I use to plug old screw holes in my wooden cabinets?

I have changed the handle hardware on my wooden kitchen cabinets, so now there are old screw holes that need to be filled. What do you recommend?

How do I get rid of the paint smell in my kitchen cupboards?

Recently I moved into a freshly painted apartment. The kitchen cupboards were painted with oil base paint. All my dishes, glasses and food in the cupboards smell and taste like paint. What can I use to remove this smell? I'm pregnant and afraid of getting sick from this. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Repairing kitchen water damage

I need to replace a couple of the laminate floor boards on my kitchen floor that were warped by water from a leaky refrigerator. My kitchen cabinets are installed on top of the laminate flooring, some of which needs to be removed and replaced. How can I remove the flooring without removing all the cabinets?

How Can I Plan and Execute My Home Remodel?

I own a home that was built in the late 1800's, and I have started updating the bathroom and the kitchen. As contractors, do you have any thoughts on how I might be able to plan and execute all of my home improvement projects on my own? I would like to try and save money by doing most the work by myself. Any help you can give me would be great!

Cabinet Refacing in a Dark Kitchen

My old house in downtown Flagstaff, Az. has painted dark metal cabinets. Is cabinet refacing possible with metal? I'd like to order new metal cabinet doors and repaint the cabinet cases. If the costs are similar, I'll instead scrap the cabinets and order assemble-yourself cabinets from Home Depot, though I'm concerned about cabinet installation. Which way is most cost-effective?

Repurposing old kitchen cabinets for child's room storage

We're replacing old kitchen cabinets. There are three of the same size that I could paint, stack vertically, and use as toy storage in my toddler's bedroom. How can I make this cabinet installation safe and attractive?

Installing Hardwoods Near a Cabinet

I'm going to be installing prefinished 3in hardwoods and will be doing so in the great room and kitchen. I have a pneumatic nailer which will make the job easier but as I get near the cabinets, I won't be able to use my nailer and face nailing would prove challenging under the cabinet. I was thinking of pre-drilling holes and using a racheting nailer (like the one at Sears) to hammer it in before I could countersink it but wanted to hear if you have any advice. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.

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