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Can leaded glass be used in a backsplash?

I want to install a new backsplash in my kitchen using vintage leaded glass from old windows in combination with tile. Would the lead be toxic? How would it stand up to heat behind the stove?

Labor Cost for Installing a New Kitchen Backsplash

My kitchen remodeling dream is simple: I want to install those beautiful new small tile, stone, or glass backsplash materials that come grouped on a mesh backing. I want it to go from the top of my kitchen counter to the bottom of my overhead cupboards, with a separate bar-like accent band at midpoint. There are six electrical switch plates or sockets and the length is 18 linear feet. Please give me a ballpark cost for having the installation done over the existing drywall.

Costs and Workmanship for a New Kitchen Backsplash

I'm checking out the costs and workmanship for a new kitchen backsplash and wonder if the picture-frame or sheet mounted backsplashes are good for the money. I can always change later to a glue and grout setup. I'm afraid of getting stuck with something bad for a long time that I spent a fortune getting done.

Grouting Kitchen Backsplashes

I've just completed a kitchen remodeling project, including new kitchen cabinets, cabinet doors, and countertops. I want to finish up the tile backsplashes. Is it true you have to wait three days before putting grout between the tiles so the adhesive dries? How soon after putting in the grout can I use a tile sealer? Do you recommend penetrating or membrane-forming sealers?

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