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What home renovations will most increase the overall value of my house?

I want to spend some money to update my pre-war co-op apartment, but am unsure which remodeling projects make the most sense for my budget. Should I go for looks (new floors, fresh paint) or worry more about functional items like updated appliances, new fixtures, modern furnace? Thank you.

Can I texture the paneling in my living room?

Can I texture over the wood paneling in my living room?

What's the best way to paint concrete walls?

I want to paint the concrete walls in my laundry room, which are very rough and old. What's the best way to paint these types of surfaces?

What's the best way to paint interior walls?

I want to paint a few rooms in my house, should I use a roller, brush, or paint sprayer to paint some smooth walls?

How can you tell how many coats of paint were put on a wall?

I hired a painter to prime and paint 2 coats throughout an office building. He swears he painted a second coat but there seems to be no difference between what I saw after the first coat and now. How can I tell if he really did put a second coat of paint on the walls?

Prepping Area Around Window Before Painting

I'm working on repainting a room. I've repaired a few wall areas where the wall was brittle etc. from moisture (house is 60 years old). There's an area alongside the window where I've chipped out some brittleness also. Is there some type of filler or compound I could fill in there? The area would be too tricky to use joint compound.

Paint Failing in the Kitchen

I had the kitchen included in an interior paint job last year. It's way too soon to see paint chipping and flaking and the original painter has left the area. Fortunately, the flaking is limited to one wall. Do I scrape, prep, and repaint the entire kitchen again, or is there a way to match up colors and repair the one wall?

Why Doesn't the Wall I'm Painting Look Like the Chip Color I Selected?

I'm painting accent walls in three or four rooms in my Reno, NV, home. The paint chip had the perfect color, but it looks lighter and slightly redder on the wall. I can't return the paint for this first room, but how can I do better when painting the other rooms?

How Can I Match Existing Exterior House Paint Color?

I built a little storage shed behind my home in Kenosha, WI. I've brought home countless paint chips but can't match my house paint color, which has no doubt weathered. I have no idea of the brand used on my house. Help!

How to Paint a Home's Interior

I have no experience with painting, but my home's interior badly needs new paint. Besides paint, what tools and materials will I need to do a good job? Approximately how long will painting each room take, and what will it cost? What special techniques do painters use to do a fast job and still get professional results?

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