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Installing Grab Bars In a Shower

We need to install grab bars in the shower stall at my parents home. It is a typical shower bay that has no sheetrock behind it and there is a gap between the bay and the studs. Is there a way to install the grab bars so they are sturdy? We are concerned about putting the screw through the fiberglass and pushing it back into the stud. This could break the bay. Hope this makes sense. Any suggestions would be helpful.

How much is the average cost to install a wetbar?

How much is the average cost to install a wetbar (includes running plumbing and electric)?

Fastening Drywall to Studs

Is there a most effective method for fastening drywall to studs? I've seen a couple of different methods for attaching drywall. Method 1 involved separating nails/screws vertically about every vertical foot or so along the stud. Method 2 grouped 2 nails/screws (about 3 inches apart) vertically about every 1.5 - 2 feet. The grouping method seems most desirable from a plastering perspective (less places to apply & sand) but is one method better than the other?

How to Go About a Roof Replacement?

My home in Phoenix, Arizona is a mission-style home with a tile roof. I am considering roof replacement with more modern materials. Is this a job I can do myself? What steps are involved in tile roof replacement, and what are the costs per square foot?

How to Replace Vinyl Siding?

Is replacing vinyl siding difficult? Is modern vinyl siding more durable? Can I install new siding over the old, or must I remove the old siding? How costly might this project be? My house in Omaha, Nebraska, has vinyl siding that is stained and old, and I'm wondering about my options.

Should I Attempt Window Installation Myself in Alaska?

I need to add a bigger window to my ground floor bathroom. I'm handy with hammers and saws, but concerned about keeping a window installation weather tight here in Anchorage, AK. Do I need a contractor, and would they do such a small job?

Signs it's Time for Replacing Windows

I just recently bought a house that's ten years old. I'm making a list of checkpoints for repairs and evaluations. My current focus is the windows. They're fairly standard, but some do show signs of wear and tear. What are the features I should look at to know if I should be replacing windows or not?

How to Install Tile Floors in a Kitchens

I want to replace an old linoleum floor in my kitchen with tile. What is the best type of tile to use? Do I need to remove the linoleum, or can I put the new the tile over it? What are the step-by-step instructions for laying a tile floor?

Replacing Vinyl Siding Over Old Siding

The siding on our home in Nashville has faded and the color is ugly now. I have considered replacing it and hear that you can install vinyl siding over existing siding. Is it true and what considerations are there before we bring someone in?

Considering Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen

I like ceramic tiles just fine, but my wife wants to consider hardwood flooring in the kitchen. There's no doubt that we'll be replacing our kitchen flooring, but don't hardwood floors leak and warp if they're used in the kitchen with all the spills?

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