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Cooling by Dehumidifying

Here in Atlanta, Georgia the humidity often makes summer days uncomfortable. We have a one-story, 1,750 square foot house. If there's such a thing as a whole house system for dehumidifying, what does it cost to buy and use, and is it a better choice than air conditioning? Since it's not our peak hot season, you think it will cost less?

High Humidity Level With Musty Smell In Some Rooms

I own a ranch home built in the 70's, high humidity levels throughout. Musty smell in rooms in front of house (brick part way up outside) No mold or noticeable wet areas. Where do I start and who would I hire to find out what the problem is?

Humidity Problem After New Windows Were Installed

We just finished installing new windows in our house that was built in 1968. Ever since then, I have noticed what appear to be higher humidity levels on the bottom floor. It is concrete but most of it is above ground, but not all of it. I am wondering, now that we have new windows, is it perhaps keeping in more moisture than before creating more humidity? We have laminate flooring over the concrete and it has not been sealed because we never noticed a mositure problem. Is it possible that the unsealed concrete is creating this problem and is sealing it the right thing to do? I have concerns because Ive read in other places that sealing concrete can cause moisture build-up and in turn cause foundation settling....any information you can offer is much apprec iated. Our home would be extremely hard to retro-fit for an air exchange system.

Can You Recommend Sunroom Designs for Texas Weather?

One thing about living in Texas in the summer is that you have to put up with heat and humidity. I'd like to add a sunroom with air conditioning, and I'm definitely not interested in a screened porch. Most of the sunroom designs I see are either cheap looking or are altogether too extravagant. Can you point me in the right direction cost-wise?

House Paint for Basements with Moisture

The funny thing about Wisconsin basements is how dank they always seem to be. We have plans to renovate our basement to make it a living area. We will be painting it, and I want to make sure I use a paint that will dry quickly and not be affected by the humidity that seems to exist downstairs. What do you recommend?

Recycled Leather Flooring and Humidity

I have fallen in love with recycled leather flooring and want to install it throughout my Dallas home. Is this recommended or not given the region's humidity? Will the moisture damage it?

When to Start a House Painting Project

I need to repaint the exterior of my home, but I'm worried about how the humidity of a New Orleans summer might affect the painting work. Should I be worried?

What is too much humidity in a house?

On cold days we have moisture along the bottom of our windows. The humidity is abouit 50-60%. I'v eheard 30-4-0% is optimum. where can this excessive moisture/humidity be coming from? (I have not turned on the humidifier this yr).

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