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How Should I Place Sand Under an Above Ground Pool?

I am setting up an above ground pool and want to make sure I correctly prepare the area underneath the pool. How should I place sand and landscape fabric under the pool to ensure it has a stable base?

Newly Installed Floor is Not Level

How do you level a floor that has been taken down to the subflooring and has a 1" discrepancy in unevenness? We are floating a 10'x6' screen and the uneven floor is causing it to not sit straight. We just installed new flooring and supposedly the floor installer had leveled the floor!

How do I build a half wall?

I need to build a half wall in my kitchen. The wall part seems easy enough. The question is...the kitchen floor is tile. The wall would go on top of the tile. Do I drill holes in the tile and attach the base stud (of the half wall) to the floor with screws? Do I try to cut the tile with a dremel and attach the base stud to the wood subfloor below the tiles?

How To Lay Carpet Tiles on Wood Floor

I have a small cabin and want to install carpet tiles on the plywood floor. The plywood has been down for about five years. We use area rugs for carpet. How do I prep the floor for carpet tiles? Keep in mind the floor in spots did not have any rug so its been walked on.

What type of nails should I use to hand fasten a bamboo floor?

I am putting in a new bamboo floor using the old timer method of a hammer and nails, then setting each nail with a nail set. I am not using any type of nailer, since it is a very small space. the flooring is 5/8, and I have the rosin paper down already. Do I use finish nails, or common nails? Any response will be greatly appreciated.

Insulating a Knee Wall

I have a knee wall that needs insulating. The conditioned space on the other side of the knee wall is a bedroom with drywall. The room is normally the same temperature as it is outside. The unconditioned space on the attic side of the knee wall is vented by a huge Gable vent. After searching online for the best way to do it, I have come up with a potential plan but I'm not sure which way the Faced Batt Insulation should face. I have 16 inch on center studs studs (2 X 4). It looks like the only insulation that I can buy is Faced. After the Batt Insulation is installed, I would like to put up foam insulation board over it on the attic side. Then caulk around all of the gaps. With this plan, which way should the Kraft paper face? Do you see in any problem s with this plan? Thanks for your help.

Installing Hardwoods Near a Cabinet

I'm going to be installing prefinished 3in hardwoods and will be doing so in the great room and kitchen. I have a pneumatic nailer which will make the job easier but as I get near the cabinets, I won't be able to use my nailer and face nailing would prove challenging under the cabinet. I was thinking of pre-drilling holes and using a racheting nailer (like the one at Sears) to hammer it in before I could countersink it but wanted to hear if you have any advice. I'm open to suggestions. Thanks.

What is the best way to level a freestanding cabinet?

After installing a new ceramic floor in the kitchen, a free standing slim counter with cabinet that sits at the end of the range is now raised about 3/4 of an inch and is level with the range. The right side is unchanged and sits lower. While this allow for easy installation of the new range, I'd like to lower the counter/cabinet and secure it. Can this be done by shaving off the bottom? What would be the best way to secure it on the ceramic floor?

How can I remove wallpaper that has been put up with glue and not water?

How can I remove wallpaper that has been put up with glue and not water? It is vinyl wallpaper. I installed it myself after priming and cleaning the old wall.

What's the best way to remove an old dining room and kitchen floor?

In my dining room I have old tile flooring (about 12x12) that meets the oak wood living room floor, flushed. This was put down in 1961. Any suggestions on how to remove this old floor safely and easily?

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