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How Much Should I Expect to Pay Per Square Foot for a Paint Job?

I am currently painting my home, and am curious what the price I should expect to pay per square foot.

House Paint for Basements with Moisture

The funny thing about Wisconsin basements is how dank they always seem to be. We have plans to renovate our basement to make it a living area. We will be painting it, and I want to make sure I use a paint that will dry quickly and not be affected by the humidity that seems to exist downstairs. What do you recommend?

House Paint for Wood Windows

We are revamping our 1929 home in Long Beach, California. We have made the investment and commitment to using wood windows throughout our home. The problem has been that the house paint chips off the wood windows so quickly. Is there a good house paint that won't chip? I am willing to pay top dollar to avoid touching up all the time.

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