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Kitchen Needs Cabinet Refacing to Resist Wheelchair Dings

Our medium-grade oak cabinets have simple rectangular raised panels. The lower ones are scratched and dinged from our rambunctious 8-year old's wheelchair. What type of cabinet refacing would be more impact-resistant, and roughly what would it cost for 20 linear feet of lower cabinets only? We'd use laminate for new countertops.

Which is more practical: vinyl wood-like flooring or Pergo flooring?

I need to know which is the better flooring for my money. There is a new vinyl flooring that looks like wood called "Allure". I have children and pets and would like the look of wood flooring in my home. But I've also heard good things about Pergo flooring. Any insight into these two brands?

Landscaping with Ground Covers in Hawaii

Would there be any advantages in reduced work and maintenance costs in taking out the front lawn of my Honolulu, Hawaii, home and replacing it with some other sort of ground cover?

How to Install Countertops Without Breaking the Bank

I'd like to upgrade my laminate countertops without spending too much money--I won't be importing marble to Honolulu. What are your top picks for mid-range countertops?

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