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Which Room to Choose for Home Additions

The 30-year-old home we bought in Columbus two years ago is too small for us now. I want to know which is a better investment on a home addition, a finished basement or a new bedroom? I'm not aware of any structural problems, which is good, but I don't want to open a can of trouble with a basement unless there's a good return in terms of home value. Any suggestions?

Planning a Home Addition I Can Afford

I've read that kitchen and small bath additions have a good return on investment. But my husband would rather add a sunroom. Considering we live in Chicago, is his idea better than the kitchen or bath addition?

What Remodels Give the Best Return?

I recently purchased several foreclosed homes in Las Vegas, Nevada. All of them need work, and I want to accomplish the remodels on them as cheaply and quickly as possible to make them salable. What remodels give the best return on investment in this area--kitchen, bathroom, deck, master suite, or home office?

Best Resale Kitchen Countertops for Cheap

My husband just got transferred out of state and we are getting our home ready for sale. Our kitchen countertops definitely need to be replaced but we have a very limited budget for improvements. What materials would you suggest to get the most resale value from our countertops for the lowest price?

Will a Room Addition Add Enough Value?

My home business is growing and I need dedicated office space right now but that means a room addition. We've talked about the possibility of moving within the next five or six years, so an addition needs to make sense for our home's value in that time frame. How can I make sure it will?

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