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Remodeling for the real estate market

;-( where to begin? I need to sell my 12 year old house, which is in need of a lot of work. Is there a logical checklist for which work is done first?

What Should I Do About a Leaning Chimney?

The tall brick chimney on our North Carolina cabin is beginning to lean away from the house. Right now there is only about a foot of space there, but I know it will grow. What can I do about this?

What is the Quickest Way to Open Painted Windows

I recently purchased a grand 1907 Craftsman in Cedar Rapids. The windows in the entire house are painted shut! What is the fastest way to open up those old windows? I don't want to replace them or damage them, of course.

Is There a Cure for Stained Stucco?

I am very pleased with my 1930 Tudor in Goldsboro, North Carolina. The problem I have is with the stucco. It seems stained, and even a good pressure wash won't deter the problem. What would you suggest I try next?

What is the Remedy for Slick Steps on my Patio?

Whenever it rains--and here in Oregon, that's a lot--my wooden patio steps become very slippery. They are made of pressure treated lumber and are only a few years old! What causes this, and how can I fix the problem?

Should we fix an old kitchen's sagging floors?

We have an 18th century Pennsylvania house with a uneven flooring in the kitchen. In some places it even sags. While we feel this adds to the charm and character to our home I am worried that the structure of the house is compromised. Should we be worried? Should we get this repaired and what would it take?

Why is our basement getting wet?

For years our unfinished basement has been damp but lately we have noticed that our basement walls are actually wet! The other day my wife went into the basement and there was a large pool of water on the flooring. Here in Washington state we get a lot of rain, but we've never had water seeping into our basement before. What could be going on?

How can we get pet urine stains out of an oak floor?

My wife and I just moved into a 1940s Vermont home with great potential. We knew that there were beautiful oak floors in a four-season sunroom hidden underneath a green shag carpet. But after we moved in and pulled up the entire carpeting we noticed that the flooring had dark spots in several corners. A friend said that this was probably due to urine from pet accidents. We want to refinish the floors, but will these dark flooring stains ever come out?

Should roof be re-shingled or replaced?

The asphalt roof on our Oregon house is 20 years old and it looks like there's another layer underneath. The roofing is beginning to come apart in places and curl up in other spots. Should we have the whole roof removed and reinstalled with a new one--or can we tell the contractors to just add another layer on top of the old roof?

How to Fix Patio Stones

We installed our own flagstones over our concrete patio in Macon. Now they've settled and cracked. I believe the surface has warped. Do you have a solution?

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