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How Do I Remove Sticky Residue to Prepare Hardwood Floors to be Refinished?

I have hard wood floors in our dining room to refinish, but the tricky part is that I have to first remove peel and stick laminate square tiles that were originally on top. There's a lot of glue residue that is not coming up, it's just a grey squishy mess going into the wood cracks and crevices. I have small children, so I am hesitant to use a very strong chemical. The space is about 10' x 12'. Any suggestions about how to best remove the damage to the wood floors?

How Do I Repair New Hardwood Floor Planks That Are Seperating?

We had hardwood floors installed in our home recently. At first, the floors looked great but now there are gaps between the wood planks. What can I do to fix this problem? The flooring contractor says he did nothing wrong with the installation, and refuses to come and check on the problem.

How Can I Effectively Restore my Hardwood Floors on a Budget?

How can I restore my old hardwood floors without it costing so much? I had a contractor come in to do the wood floors with a buffer and the floors are now looking truly awful! This is my first home, and dealing with these floors without spending a fortune is turning into a nightmare!

How much would it cost to install hardwood floors?

I have approximately 1600 sq. feet. Currently there is stained concrete floors. How much would it cost to install hardwood floors?

Nails for Hard Bamboo?

I have installed a hardwood laminate floor in my hallway and purchased a reducer strip made of hard bamboo. Unfortunately the 1 1/2 x 17 wire brads I tried to mount the reducer with folded up like wet paper. What kind of nails should I use to fasten the bamboo to the floor?

Removing Tile Flooring in Dining Room

The same ceramic tile that's in our kitchen extends into our dining room, which makes the dining room look too "kitcheny" to me. The kitchen and dining room are two steps down from the living room, which has beautiful hardwood floors. Must the tile flooring be removed to match the dining room flooring to the living room? The dining room is 10 x 12'. What's a rough cost for labor for removing tile and installing hardwood?

Flooring for home dance practice

Our twins are starting their third year of tap dance lessons and beg us to remove the family room carpet and put in hard flooring. What's a tap-proof flooring material, and what will it cost to tear up 14 x 20' of carpet and install hard flooring?

Mysterious Hardwood Flooring Under Carpet

My house was built in 1983. Under the carpets are wide (not narrow) wood planks with grooves beneathe them. Was this meant to be a substratum for carpets or other flooring? Or is this hardwood that could be cleaned to function as flooring?

Removing the 1/4in luan floor for 3/4in hardwood installation

My 1/4" luan (I think it's luan) has been there for 30 years. It not only had lots of 1" long plus nails holding it down, somebody decided to shoot about 100 brad type nails in it as well. This material basically glued itself to my subfloor. I tried to pry it up, however about 50% will not pry up. It split in layers and I have resorted to using a very sharp 2" wide wood chisel to get under the very thin layers of material that are stuck to my subfloor. Any suggestions ? I may be here another 2 weeks trying to get the rest of it up..but my contractor is coming tomorrow to install my hardwood flooring!

What do I do to make a floor not slick?

I refinished a hardwood floor for an elderly lady and she wanted it shiny and slick so it has oil base polyurethane on it. Now she says she doesn't want it that slick, it is too slippery for her at her age. What are your suggestions that I do? What can I do or put on it to make it not so slick?

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