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Installing radiant heat under hardwood floors

What is the proper spacing for installing 1/2" PEX tubing under 3/4-inch oak floors for radiant heat? I am putting the PEX piping into U-shaped aluminum, mounted on 3/4-inch plywood strips over a plywood sub-floor. Thank you in advance.

Cost to install hardwood flooring

How much might it cost to install and finish approximately 400 sq.ft. of hardwood flooring? I have already purchased the actually flooring material, which is unfinished oak 2" wide boards. Thanks.

Tile floors vs. hardwood flooring

I am purchasing a home that was in foreclosure, so it needs alot of work and maintenance. I have removed some awful carpet from the main level and want to replace it with tile or hardwood floors. Which flooring is going to be easier for me to install, is there a big price difference between the two?

Click-lock laminate flooring vs. solid hard wood flooring

Are click lock installed hardwood floors as durable as traditional hardwood flooring? Which product is better?

How Do I Remove Sticky Residue to Prepare Hardwood Floors to be Refinished?

I have hard wood floors in our dining room to refinish, but the tricky part is that I have to first remove peel and stick laminate square tiles that were originally on top. There's a lot of glue residue that is not coming up, it's just a grey squishy mess going into the wood cracks and crevices. I have small children, so I am hesitant to use a very strong chemical. The space is about 10' x 12'. Any suggestions about how to best remove the damage to the wood floors?

How much does hardwood flooring cost?

I have 5 rooms and a total of 950sqft. What should the price of materials and installation be?

A Hexagonal Pattern in a Lafayette, Louisiana, Living Room

We want to remove wall-to-wall carpeting in our 14' x 14' living room and put in medium-priced engineered hardwood flooring. About how much would it increase the materials and installation costs if the wood is laid in a hexagonal pattern with an 18" straight border, versus having all the planks laid parallel to each other?

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