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Why is the grout in my tile floor cracking?

Several months after remodeling our bathroom, the grout in the tile floor is cracking and small chunks are breaking loose. We installed the tile and grout ourselves, as well as a layer of cement board underneath the ceramic tile. What is causing the grout to crack and how can we prevent it from happening again when we tile the kitchen floor? Thanks.

How do I repair a cracked grout line where old concrete meets new concrete?

We had a professional contractor remodel our home 5 years a go. At the time, we had a sunken living room which the contractor filled with concrete in order to bring it to the same level as the rest of the house. We had ceramic tile laid on top of the concrete. Over the years, the grout line has separated where the original concrete meets the new concrete. I have removed the cracked grout line but am not sure what to do to prevent any new grout from cracking in the future. Someone suggested mixing cement grout with caulk. The grout lines are only 1/8". Thanks for your help.

Does Tile Have to Sit 24 Hours Before it is Grouted?

Does tile have to sit 24 hours before it is grouted?

Options for updating our 1950's bathroom?

We just want it very low maintenance and to look presentable. Should we take down all the tile on walls and floor, or should we just take down the bathtub tiles and put something that is less maintenance than grout and tile? What are some low maintenance options?

Grouting Kitchen Backsplashes

I've just completed a kitchen remodeling project, including new kitchen cabinets, cabinet doors, and countertops. I want to finish up the tile backsplashes. Is it true you have to wait three days before putting grout between the tiles so the adhesive dries? How soon after putting in the grout can I use a tile sealer? Do you recommend penetrating or membrane-forming sealers?

How to Fix Old Bathroom Tile Grout

The tile grout in my master bathroom is dingy and cracked, but local contractors here in California are refusing to regrout. Why is this, and what should I do to fix my grout problem?

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