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Low-maintenance Landscaping for Snowbirds

Landscaping is not our thing, especially since we travel a lot and then spend the winter months in Arizona. The yard needs redoing anyway. If we did a checkerboard of alternating hard surface and ground cover, what ground covers and hard surfaces would look good with minimum care?

Landscaping with Ground Covers in Hawaii

Would there be any advantages in reduced work and maintenance costs in taking out the front lawn of my Honolulu, Hawaii, home and replacing it with some other sort of ground cover?

Landscaping Terraces in Pueblo, Colorado

Our back yard in Pueblo, Colorado, slopes down to the Pueblo River. We pay to have the lawn mowed, but we seldom use the area. We'd like to create terraces instead, with one 12 x 12' brick area for a lawn swing and chairs. Is there a ground cover we could use that will take some foot traffic and won't cost much for water and maintenance?

Replacing Lawn with a Ground Cover

I've had it with the ugly west-facing front lawn of my Bakersfield, California, home. It's about 65' wide x 20' deep. If there are ground covers that would survive our hot summers, what is the rough cost of having the lawn removed, installing a timed drip irrigation system, and planting a ground cover?

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