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What energy efficient standards should I follow when building my new house?

I want to build a new energy efficient house, but am unsure what standards to use. I am familiar with LEED certification, but I don't want to pay for the certification. Are there any government energy standards that I can get for free and give to my builder? thank you

Any suggestions for green HVAC system in cottage addition?

I have put in a small addition to our vacation cottage in Myrtle Beach. The summers are warm here, but sometimes the temperature does dip down into the 40s at night in the winter. We have a small fireplace in the main part of the cottage, but in the addition there is no heating. We'd like to add a small solar panel to the roof that is attached to some kind of HVAC system for the addition to keep energy costs down. Do you have any suggestions on how we can do this?

There is Mold on my Roof and I Don't Know Why. Help!

The asphalt shingle roof of my Redding, California home is flowering with mold. What causes this? Is it dangerous? What can I do about it?

How can we make a basement remodel green?

We are remodeling our basement and turning it into a family media room for when our kids come home to North Carolina from college. They are both majoring in environmental studies, and we want to surprise them with a green remodeling effort for this new room. Please give us some tips on some of the important parts of the project that will make this a green remodel.

How can we make an existing room a green nursery?

We are expecting our first baby in a few months and would like to create a "green" nursery. We live in an old Maine house with plaster walls but, luckily, no lead paint. Would it be better to tear down the walls and start from scratch to make the room green? Or can we work with the existing structure and make other adjustments, such as painting or flooring materials, to make it green for our new baby?

Are metal roofs green?

I am looking to install a new roof on my Rochester home. Since I am in the middle of creating a more sustainable home with other green remodeling projects I wanted to know if metal roofing is "greener" than asphalt roofing.

How to Incorporate Green Remodeling

I want to remodel my kitchen, but I want to incorporate green remodeling if possible. What options are available for passive and active solar and other green technologies in kitchens? I live in San Jose, CA.

Solution for Scratched Bamboo Floors

Like many Californians, we had done some green remodeling and put in bamboo kitchen flooring. Now it's brittle and scratched. I think we used the wrong finish. Is there a solution?

Choosing the Right Green Remodeling Driveway Solution

I'm thinking about green remodeling and replacing my driveway with a landscaped turf blocks. Is this a good idea for a home in Syracuse? If so what should I consider?

Green Remodeling Options for Siding

I want to recycle my aluminum siding and choose a greener option. What are my best bets for a Kansas City climate?

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