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I've heard a lot about quartz countertops. Can you describe what this is?

I read recently in Consumer Reports about quartz countertops. What exactly is quartz, and how does it compare to other options for countertops like granite, or marble?

Is it OK for granite countertop to overlap undermount sink?

I'm looking into redoing our kitchen countertop. But running into issues near the sink. Is it ok for granite countertop to overlap undermount sink?

Are Marble kitchen countertops a bad idea?

I really love the detail of marble but have been told it is a bad idea for kitchens because it's soft and damages with acid juices and even water. Would it really be that bad? How much worse would it be than granite? Would it just be terrible in 5 years?

Should a Kitchen Design Include an Island?

We've lived in our house in Colorado for 20 years and I'm finally redoing the kitchen. As I'm planning the kitchen design, I can't decide whether to install an island. We've got the space but how much expense does an island add to a remodel? Is it worth the cost?

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