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Do Granite Countertops on a Bathroom Vanity Also Need a Backsplash?

I am remodeling my bathroom and am installing a vanity with granite countertops. I am trying to decide if I need to add a granite backsplash too. Do bathroom vanity granite countertops need a backsplash?

Countertop Choice for Kitchen Remodeling

For kitchen remodeling in our Rome, New York, townhome we're going for a contemporary look. I'd like granite countertops. My wife says if you can't actually cut food on granite, why not save money and get granite-looking laminate countertops and use cutting boards on them. Percentage-wise, how much more expensive is granite?

Costing Kitchen Counter Bullnoses in Nashville

I've chosen granite tile for our new kitchen. I've read that granite bullnoses hold up better under long wear than, say, wood trim. I don't like the look of wood trim around granite counters anyway. How much can I expect to pay for having bullnoses custom-built by the installers? I've heard up to $20 an edge.

Are Marble kitchen countertops a bad idea?

I really love the detail of marble but have been told it is a bad idea for kitchens because it's soft and damages with acid juices and even water. Would it really be that bad? How much worse would it be than granite? Would it just be terrible in 5 years?

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