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Mysterious Glue On Basement Floors

I recently removed existing linolium squares from my basement floor, only to find a black glue-like residue covering the concrete that is slightly tacky in spots. Do I need to remove it somehow, or can I paint right over it?

How do I remove the glue from old floors for sanding?

I have a 80 year old house with good oak hard wood floors. The previous owner had glue on commercial carpets on these floors. I want to remove this carpet and refinish the floors. Question is how do I remove the glue to clear the floor for sanding?

I would like to change the carpet in my basement, but it is glued down.

I have done a lot of work in my 40 year old house and all i have left is my basement rug. The rug is like an indoor - outdoor rug and it is glued down, yep glued down. I want to replace it but don't know how to get the old rug up. I need to replace it with something that can be picked up because in the spring my sump pump does work a lot at keeping water out!

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