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What is the average cost for adding a second level to a house?

I would like to add a second level to my 600 sq.ft. house. The new floor will have a full bath and two bedrooms. What are the average costs for a remodeling project like this? Thanks in advance.

What are some red flags to tip us off to inefficient contractors?

I've heard stories about contractors who fail to put the finishing touches on remodeling jobs. We are about to do some general remodeling in our Amarillo home and would like some tips on how to pick a contractor who will get our job done promptly. Could you give some red flags to look for when selecting a contractor?

How Can I Stop Tree Roots from Growing into my Water Lines?

Our 1902 home in Roanoke, Virginia has several beautiful oak trees around it. However, the roots are growing into the water pipes and wrecking havoc. How can we resolve this issue without taking down those trees?

What is an easy patio brick pattern?

I want to install a brick patio in our backyard but I'm not sure what is the easiest patio pattern for beginners and one that will hold up best in our Illinois climate. What do you suggest?

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