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Why would the studs in my walls be at 14" from center?

I was hanging stuff in the garage, and could not find the studs. The first one was 12 inches from the corner, then 16, then 13 1/2, then 15, then 14, etc. I needed the stuff hung further down, so after a lot of small nail holes, I cut some sheet rock off of the bottom. I found a 2-by-4 stud, and the next was 14 1/2 inches away, and the next stud was a 4-by-4, not a 2-by-4. Any reason for this headache?

What is the recommended, repair or replacement, for bulging concrete walls?

Is repair possible or replacement necessary for two inward bulging concrete block walls of an integral garage? They are also pushed in from their foundation approximately 3" of the 8" blocks? The bulge starts is half-way up, which is underground. Also, what would be the typical cost for both procedures?

College Station, Texas, Kitchen Remodeling Needs to Steal from Garage

My L-shaped 1400 square foot retirement home has too much garage and too little kitchen and pantry. The house is very sound and is a 2"x6" wood frame ranch style with a simple pitched roof making an L over the garage. I'd like to steal 8 feet from the 26' x 24' garage, which opens onto the street. I'd make a side-entrance one-bay garage. The water heater and utility sink can stay where they are. Kitchen appliances are fine, kitchen flooring and a 4' x 8' pantry would be built. Is my $40,000 rough budget enough?

Replacing a Garage Door Myself

I am considering replacing a garage door by myself. Is this a realistic do-it-yourself project? What is involved, or should I look for a contractor. The garage is attached to two story house. Original door sinice l969.

What is the best floor system for my garage floor?

I'm planning to have a garage floor built over my basement. I will use the garage to park my car, snow mobiles, and will use it as a work shop. I was wondering what would be the best floor system. A precast floor or a poured light weight concrete. I also plan to cover the floor with a thick epoxy floor cover for extra protection.

How much does it cost to build a garage apartment?

I live in Cleveland, Ohio, and would like build a two-car garage with a small apartment above it behind my house (there's already a driveway in place) for my mother to live in. I'm imagining a garage of about 22' x 20' with approximately 400 sq. feet of living space on top. My partner and I had a well-regarded garage contractor (Angie's List) give us a guesstimate of $80,000. Another contractor would not give us an estimate, but insisted we needed an architect in addition for the apartment design and suggested we ask him how much it would cost. Doing casual internet searches I've found that $80,000 is on the high end of normal. Without going too cheap or cutting corners, what is your estimate for the least we can spend to build?

Looking into expanding our garage. Where do I start?

We want to add on a large area for the RV and convert our 2 car garage into a deeper one with a shop at the back. Our garage is attached to the house by the roof only. We have lots of space to add on to the left side of it, but can't picture how the roof will fit in being taller for the RV. Where do I begin with this project?

Garage Trusses Need to Be Reinforce

I want to add a walk-in closet over my garage. The garage was built with standard trusses and I will need to reinforce the area. Who could give me the answers I need to redesign the trusses? The garage is 32 foot wide with a 10/12 pitch. I want to build a 13 foot wide walk in closet in the center of this span. Anything specific I should ask a potential contractor?

Removing Concrete Stains for a San Diego Home Addition

I want to remodel the garage into an extra bedroom. I think we'll cover the concrete with laminate, but until we get the money for that, I want to get out the oil stains. There all kinds of detergents including TSP, but I was told there's a motorized deep cleaner that you can rent for the job. Do you know about them?

Steps to Garage Addition

We want to add another car's worth of space to our garage. What are the steps involved in this project? And what is the best way to get started on the project? Also if we want to add a screened in porch to our house is it best to try and incorporate both projects at once?

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