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How do we prevent mold under the floor joists?

The previous owners turned the garage into a laundry room, bathroom, and bedroom. They did nothing to the garage floor, just left it as is and raised the floor to meet the rest of the house (approx 2 ft). We just had to tear out the laundry room floor because of a burst pipe that happened while we were at work. We found out that the people who bought this house and flipped it put a THIN coat of plywood over already damaged floor. The house was originally built in 1950's. After being down on the original garage floor and looking around under there, we found there is no vents under there and there is water damage (not as severe as the laundry room) in the bathroom area. We have planned to tear out the floor in the bathroom during the summer barring any other major event. We want to prevent mold from growing. We did spray the wood under the laundry room and what we could get to, but won't this grow back without proper ventilation? Please help.

What is the best floor system for my garage floor?

I'm planning to have a garage floor built over my basement. I will use the garage to park my car, snow mobiles, and will use it as a work shop. I was wondering what would be the best floor system. A precast floor or a poured light weight concrete. I also plan to cover the floor with a thick epoxy floor cover for extra protection.

Painting or Staining Concrete for a Garage Floor?

I want to give my garage floor a new look and I'm considering either painting or staining the concrete. What are the benefits of each method? I'm in California, so it doesn't get too warm or cold.

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