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How much does it cost to build a one car garage?

I want to build a 1 car garage on my property, about 18'x22'. What is the average cost of building a garage? What size garage door should I use? Thanks.

Insulated Garage Doors for Heating & Cooling Assistance in Ogden, Utah

Our triple-car garage in Ogden, Utah, faces west. Even with ceiling and wall insulation it gets really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter. We'd be happy with around 83 degrees in the summer and 50 degrees in the winter. Would it be more cost-effective to install through-the-wall heating and cooling units or to purchase insulated garage doors?

Replacing a Garage Door Myself

I am considering replacing a garage door by myself. Is this a realistic do-it-yourself project? What is involved, or should I look for a contractor. The garage is attached to two story house. Original door sinice l969.

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