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How much does it cost to build a one car garage?

I want to build a 1 car garage on my property, about 18'x22'. What is the average cost of building a garage? What size garage door should I use? Thanks.

Can a New Foundation Survive a Cold Winter?

I just had a foundation for a garage installed. I will not be able to finish the structure this summer as planned. Can I leave this new foundation over the winter?

Creating Room Additions Over Bangor Garage

Our Bangor, Maine, home is a typical two-story saltbox with an attached one-story 22' x 22' garage. We'd like to extend the second floor out over the garage as a recreation area with an 8' x 16' hobby room. We have an asphalt shingle roof. The house is older, so framing is 2" x 4". Heating is by a fairly new boiler system. What type of heating do you recommend, and what's a ballpark price per square foot for these room additions?

Looking into expanding our garage. Where do I start?

We want to add on a large area for the RV and convert our 2 car garage into a deeper one with a shop at the back. Our garage is attached to the house by the roof only. We have lots of space to add on to the left side of it, but can't picture how the roof will fit in being taller for the RV. Where do I begin with this project?

Steps to Garage Addition

We want to add another car's worth of space to our garage. What are the steps involved in this project? And what is the best way to get started on the project? Also if we want to add a screened in porch to our house is it best to try and incorporate both projects at once?

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