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Correct Fence for Bungalow-Style Home

Our small old bungalow-style home is charming except for an ugly chain link fence out front. The house exterior is plaster or stucco and the covered front porch has river rock-type supports for the arches. There's a very simple railing with 1" square "pickets" spaced 3" apart. We want the front fence to be authentic but not too expensive. What would look right?

Using Fences for Front Yard Privacy

Our split level house has an all-grass front yard 80 feet wide by 35 feet deep. We'd like to make it easy-care, dividing the yard into an enclosed rectangular brick-and-pavers courtyard, with bark or stone and flowering shrubs outside the courtyard. The 4-foot-high, three-sided brick fences will enclose 16 feet-by-36 feet. What should we budget for the brick fences and brick paver work?

Decorative Cinder Block Fences in Florence, South Carolina

I'd like to make a front yard patio that provides both privacy and security. I've seen very handsome painted decorative cinder block walls that alternate solid block panels with open block designs. What's the estimated labor cost for building a 6' high wall that would be 16' long on three sides off the dining room wall? The yard slopes very slightly.

Rock Wall Landscaping Makeover for Front Yard

My lovely old bungalow home in Providence, Rhode Island, has a front porch with a stone wall and pillars. The front lawn is level for about 15' and then slopes steeply for another 5', making it difficult to mow. The yard is 70' wide and the slope is 3 feet high. Approximately what would it cost to redo the sloped landscaping with a big rounded rock retaining wall similar to the smaller rocks on the porch wall?

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