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How Much Does a New Porch Foundation Cost?

I am replacing my front porch, and need to build a new foundation. How much should a foundation cost for a 5x9 foot porch? The foundation must be 42'' below grade and needs footings for 2 architectural columns.

Room Additions Over a Porch

We'd like to bump out the front gable wall over our half-walled front porch to gain six foot room additions in two tiny upstairs bedrooms. The porch has three steps up, and is as wide as the house. Will we need a stronger foundation under the porch for the weight of the room additions?

How much to replace some old wood columns/posts on our front porch?

I would like to replace the wood columns with a different material like concrete (or something durable). My porch size is about 12x12 feet. I'm not sure about the column height, maybe about 15-20 feet. Do you have a ballpark on how much this will cost?

Can we build over a front porch?

We are looking at house which we are considering buying. We like the house & the location but the house is a bit small. There is a long, approximately 30 X 4 feet front porch, we were wondering if we can extend the house over the porch so that we can have more space. Or are there other options? Any ideas on what we can do with that long porch area, in terms of increasing the square footage of the house?

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