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Installing a new front door

When my house was built, we opted for a standard-sized, solid panel front door. Now we would like to hire a contractor to install a new front door with sidelights. Our house is sided in brick, any idea how much this project might cost?

How Much Would It Cost to Replace Sidelites on Front Door?

I would like to replace the sidelites in my front door. How much would it cost to replace sidelites on a home front door measuring 28"x76"?

Front doors: Better to go custom or big box stores?

I need to replace the whole package. Transom, side-lites, and door (fiberglass) along with all the trim inside and out. House is 11 years old. Door, Transom and side-lites are in good shape but the wood is bad and has leaked inside. Have patched over the years. The builder did not use the proper wood when the house was built and many homes in the neighborhood have the same issue. Lowe's tells me my door is 1/4 inch too small and I need to go with a "custom" order through them. My gut is screaming run to another Lowe's. Question is...is it really worth my time should I go with the specialist? If I do need the "custom" Lowe's door the $$ difference will be about $2,000 is it worth it?

Water coming into our living room from the front door.

I just moved into a studio that has water coming into our living room from the front door. How do I direct the rainwater away from into my house. I am hoping not to have to regrade. Any ideas?

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