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What Kind of Cost and Return on Investment Can I Expect When Installing French Doors?

I am planning a double French door replacement. What is the typical cost and return on investment of this kind of replacement?

I want to replace my sliding glass door with a French Door.

The door is a standard slider. My problem is my current door has been modified to accomodate a doggie door. With a panel which slips into the track with a flap. Everyone I have talked to so far has been unable to solve this problem. Am I the only one out there with a pet? One quote I did get was $4,300 which involved hiring a handyman to put in a doggie door. I think that is outrageous. What do you think?

Sunroom Designs: French Doors vs. Sliding Doors

We are in the process of changing our windows in our sunroom. I have been examining several sunroom designs and I see both French doors and sliding windows. How much difference is the cost of sunroom designs that use sliding doors compared to French doors?

Can windows with double paned glass be cleaned and resealed?

We have French door with beveled glass. One side is cloudy because the seal has been broken between the two pieces of glass. Can the one side be cleaned and resealed so the door does not have to be replaced?

Finding Pretty, Functional French Doors

Our patio doors are very prominent in our great room and I love the look of French doors. Because we live in Tallahassee, my kids are in and out all year long so I don't think French doors would be functional. How can I find functional doors that still look pretty?

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