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Should I reinforce the frame of a 20x30 outbuilding?

I have an outbuilding/workshop that I spend quite a bit of time in. It was framed using 2x4 recycled barn lumber on 2 foot centers. The structural integrity of the building is great. There is no sign of warping anywhere. It is currently uninsulated and I will be insulating it to make it more comfortable to work in during the summer/winter. Before I get to insulating, do you think I should reinforce the framing by adding a 2x4 between the current 2 foot centers, essentially making a framed building with studs every 12 inches? My grandpa built the shop in the 1950s and I don't ever plan to tear it down so any advice you could give to maintain its durability/dependability would be a big help! Thanks!

Too late to modify house frame?

The frameing work for my new home has been put up and now I think the ceilings are too low. Is it expensive to have the contractor raise the ceiling since its so early in the game? No wiring or pipes have been put in yet... just the frame of the house.

Extensive Dry Rot Damage

I have extensive wood dry rot affecting the entire wall behind the master bath shower. Some of the dry rot affects structural beams and the framing supporting 2 windows. What type of contractor is best suited to repair this? Is a general contractor trained to peform such repair?

Putting in a Dormer

This spring and summer I'm finally converting the attic and putting in new kitchen cabinets. The big project is the dormer. From what I've gathered online, the framing and rafters are covered the same way you'd do your roof, with plywood, felt, shingles, and flashing. How do you dry-in the room, insulate it, and still maintain adequate ventilation?

Can I get by with framing on 2' centers or will I need 16" centers?

I'm building an outbuilding on my property that will be approximately 20x40 with an attic for storage, can I get by with framing on 2' centers or will I need 16" centers?

Is Framing Walls a Job for the Experts?

I just bought a small house in Yuba City, California with tiny closets. There's a bit of room to add on and I'd like to add a walk-in closet. I know adding on means framing walls. Is this something an experienced DIY'er could handle or should I hire a contractor?

Setting Priorities When Replacing Windows

We're thinking about replacing windows in our home near Albany, Georgia and have been surprised by how expensive they can be, even at home improvement warehouses. If we decide against replacing all of the windows in our house, how can we prioritize which to replace and which to leave?

Do I Need Extra Floor Support for a Room Addition Housing a Pool Table and Piano?

The winters in St. Cloud, MN prompted us to plan a winter hangout room addition across the back of the house for our pre-teen kids. It will have a wood foundation. There will be a pool table, an old upright grand piano, and workout equipment in the addition. How can I achieve a really solid foundation for this room addition?

Framing Walls Leave No Room for Error

I'm in the early stages of finishing off my basement. The framing walls are a bit intimidating, as they form the starting point for the rest of the room. Can you tell me the major sticking points of framing walls, including the areas that most mistakes are made?

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