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How deep should a house's sewer line be buried?

The old sewer line from my house to the curb has collapsed and I want to replace it with new PVC. Because the pipe exits from my house only 6 inches below the ground surface, I am worried about it freezing in the winter. Is this sewer line to shallow? Any suggestions?

How Much Does a New Porch Foundation Cost?

I am replacing my front porch, and need to build a new foundation. How much should a foundation cost for a 5x9 foot porch? The foundation must be 42'' below grade and needs footings for 2 architectural columns.

Can a New Foundation Survive a Cold Winter?

I just had a foundation for a garage installed. I will not be able to finish the structure this summer as planned. Can I leave this new foundation over the winter?

Where do I begin with a possible foundation problem?

I live in a row home I have a crack in the outside brick that runs from the top of my roof to the top of my garage about 6 ft long the back room in my home now has cracks in it where I can see the cement, and mesh that is supposed to be under the drywall I'm sure this is a foundation issue but I don't want to leave my home I just want to get it fixed. My homeowners insurance policy does not cover structural damage. What steps should I take first? I'm afraid to call somebody because I don't want to move, I just want to fix it. Where do I begin?

How to get rid of standing water around a house foundation

When it rains I get water pooling around the foundation of my house, which I think is causing a musty smell in the basement. I had rain gutters on the house, but don't now because the snow and ice damaged them a few winter's ago. What's the best way to get rid of the standing water without having to buy new gutters?

How deep should a foundation be for my room addition?

I am looking to expand with a room addition. It will be one story, 20 x 24 with 2' crawl space. How deep should the foundation be?

Our home build had to move house footings, any issues with this?

Footings for my new house were put and set back too far on my lot by 7 ft. The builder, 5 days later, extended the front of the house footings and brought the back of the house footings into the layout of the first pour and left first poor in place. Will this be a problem?

We want to add a second story to our house, how do I know if my foundation can hold the extra weight?

We have a house that has a daylight basement. The basement walls are cement blocks and we're wondering if it is strong enough to hold a full second story or if we have to go through the hassle of raising the house and putting in a new foundation like I have been told I will have to do by two different contractors. They have never answered my questions about if I can test the strength of it.

Kitchen Remodeling: Porch as Foundation

While planning our kitchen remodeling, we found out that the last owners extended one corner of the kitchen over what was a service porch. Should we have the contractor remove the porch and extend the house's foundation each way to cover the corner or just leave the porch as is? How much does it cost to add about 6' of foundation?

Do I Need Extra Floor Support for a Room Addition Housing a Pool Table and Piano?

The winters in St. Cloud, MN prompted us to plan a winter hangout room addition across the back of the house for our pre-teen kids. It will have a wood foundation. There will be a pool table, an old upright grand piano, and workout equipment in the addition. How can I achieve a really solid foundation for this room addition?

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