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How can I remove wallpaper that has been put up with glue and not water?

How can I remove wallpaper that has been put up with glue and not water? It is vinyl wallpaper. I installed it myself after priming and cleaning the old wall.

Cost of Enlarging Our Galley Style Kitchen

We are wanting to enlarge our galley style kitchen, but the only way to go is out...moving an exterior brick wall. We can't begin the project without having an idea of the cost. Can you give me a "guesstimate?" It would be about a 30 foot length which includes our existing kitchen and den. We want to move out about 12 feet. The corner would be on the kitchen end and the other end would meet an existing bedroom wall. It's currently an L-shaped area. The back wall will be mostly windows. I know it must be a load-bearing wall, so I'm not opposed to having some time of column in the house if necessary. I understand it's a tough call to give me an idea, but I just need to know if we're looking at about 6k, 10k, 15k or more. Thank you so much for any information you can give!

Covering My Back Porch

I'm sure this is easier than i am making it but I need some help. I am wanting to extend the roof to cover my back porch. The porch itself is roughly 30' x 12'. The part I am having trouble with is the L shape of the existing roof over the house. Need some help with deciding what would be the most structurally sound way to go about it. What are some of the things commonly overlooked by DIY-ers?

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