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Costs and Materials for Kitchen and Dining Room Lighting

A year after a complete kitchen remodeling job here in San Antonio I've discovered that they're phasing out incandescent bulbs. The new compact fluorescent ones look terrible when they're off, but make good light. The trouble is that the new bulbs may not work with the touch dimmer switches in the kitchen and dining room. Are there models of fluorescents that work on all dimmers? The new bulbs are cheap but what's the cost of upgrading hardware?

Kitchens With Dropped Ceilings

Several kitchens in my neighborhood, including mine, have dropped ceilings with translucent ceiling panels and fluorescent bulbs. The rest of the kitchens around me have upgraded to canned lighting and I want to do the same. I can spend a weekend and easily take down the ceiling but the electrical job is a different issue. How much should I budget to have canned lighting installed?

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