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Do I need insulation under my house?

I have a 2 story home that has a basement with a dirt floor. I don't know if I should insulate the main level floors, could this cause mold to grow?

Options for covering stained concrete floors

The stained concrete floors in my house did not finish like I expected and I'm going to replace them. What are some flooring options that can be laid right over the concrete?

What type of nails should I use to hand fasten a bamboo floor?

I am putting in a new bamboo floor using the old timer method of a hammer and nails, then setting each nail with a nail set. I am not using any type of nailer, since it is a very small space. the flooring is 5/8, and I have the rosin paper down already. Do I use finish nails, or common nails? Any response will be greatly appreciated.

Flooring for home dance practice

Our twins are starting their third year of tap dance lessons and beg us to remove the family room carpet and put in hard flooring. What's a tap-proof flooring material, and what will it cost to tear up 14 x 20' of carpet and install hard flooring?

Floors and Home Additions

Having completed plans for a small bath addition in Philadelphia, I'm a little worried that the floors won't meet properly. Do I have to cut down to the subfloor on the existing part of the home to find the height for the connection? I need help finding the right level for the foundation.

What is a floating floor? And do I need it under kitchen cabinets?

What exactly is a floating floor? I was told I may need it under the new kitchen cabinets that I am planning to installed. Is this necessary?

Recycled Leather Flooring and Humidity

I have fallen in love with recycled leather flooring and want to install it throughout my Dallas home. Is this recommended or not given the region's humidity? Will the moisture damage it?

Squeaky Floors Throughout House

I live in a basement rancher w/finished downstairs, however, my floors upstairs have squeaky spots throughout. The house is about 28 yrs old and I want to begin doing some remodeling such as wood floors, new bathtub, new kitchen flooring, etc. But first I need to know what kind of expense I'm looking at to get rid of the squeaky floors.

Do I need to add support to my existing floor/roof in order to add a dormered area?

We purchased a home in the Boston area that was built in the late 1800's and probably remodeled around 1940. We would like to dormer out the 3rd floor attic to make the bedrooms "legal" as far as cieling height, etc. What do I need to do to ensure that the current floors/roof area are strong enough to support my addition?

Considering Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen

I like ceramic tiles just fine, but my wife wants to consider hardwood flooring in the kitchen. There's no doubt that we'll be replacing our kitchen flooring, but don't hardwood floors leak and warp if they're used in the kitchen with all the spills?

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