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How much does it cost to replace a tile floor in a small bathroom?

The floor in our home's bathroom needs to be replaced due to water damage. Water got under the tiles and made the sub-floor swell and loosened the tiles. About how much might it cost to redo the tile floor in a bathroom (10 x 7)

Cost to install hardwood flooring

How much might it cost to install and finish approximately 400 sq.ft. of hardwood flooring? I have already purchased the actually flooring material, which is unfinished oak 2" wide boards. Thanks.

Which DIY projects should a novice avoid?

We are tackling a home renovation right now (kitchen, bathrooms, siding, and flooring). Although we want to do most of the work ourselves, we know that there are some tasks that we should not complete ourselves. Any advice about which DIY projects we should avoid.

Leveling an uneven floor

I need to build up my home's subfloor 1 1/2-inches in the bedrooms so that its level will match the level of the hallway. What is an economical solution to this problem?

Options for covering stained concrete floors

The stained concrete floors in my house did not finish like I expected and I'm going to replace them. What are some flooring options that can be laid right over the concrete?

How much does hardwood flooring cost?

I have 5 rooms and a total of 950sqft. What should the price of materials and installation be?

How Much Will It Cost To Install Tile in My Basement?

I am considering a new flooring installation in my basement. How much should I expect to pay to install tile in a 2,500 sq. ft. basement?

How much would it cost to install hardwood floors?

I have approximately 1600 sq. feet. Currently there is stained concrete floors. How much would it cost to install hardwood floors?

Durable Flooring for Rental Home

Twice in six years I've ripped out the carpet in the house I rent out because of renter's pets. Would wood laminate flooring be less problematic? Could my wife, son and I really install it? How much per square foot should I spend?

How Do You Install Carpet Floor Tiles?

We are remodeling a bedroom and are going to redo the floors. Right now they are wood, but we would like to have a pattern made with carpet tiles. I have never done a project like this, but it seems simple. Any advice?

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