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Which Room to Choose for Home Additions

The 30-year-old home we bought in Columbus two years ago is too small for us now. I want to know which is a better investment on a home addition, a finished basement or a new bedroom? I'm not aware of any structural problems, which is good, but I don't want to open a can of trouble with a basement unless there's a good return in terms of home value. Any suggestions?

How do I get the dampness and smell of mildew out of my basement?

I have a sewing room in my finished basement but the basement gets damp and smells of mildew. This could potentially ruin alot of material. The concrete walls are covered with wallboard and painted. The floor is still the bare concrete. There are no apparent leaks in the foundation. It is a walkout basement. It is much better in the winter when the woodstove burns all winter but come warmer weather (SW Michigan) it gets cool, damp and mildewy. There are no windows in this room.

How much will adding a wet bar in a finished basement cost?

My husband and I just bought a home in New Jersey that has a finished basement. I think basements are better as guest rooms, but he is thinking game room with a wet bar. I think a wet bar near our dining room would add more value to our home. How much will adding a wet bar cost and do basement bars get a better return on investment than wet bars elsewhere in the home?

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