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How long does it take to install a new exterior door?

I would like to have a new exterior door installed in my bedroom. Because my house is sided with brick, do you think it would be best to install the new door in one of the existing window openings? How many hours would it take a contractor to do this sort of job? Thanks!

How to refinish a wood door

The exterior wood door on my house has been exposed to sun light for so long that the door is now in bad shape. The wood actually feels rough and has sort of blackened and faded. Can you give me advice on what needs to be done to refinish my door?

What Could Cause New Exterior Door to Fail to Lock?

My husband installed an exterior door last week and it was working great. About three days after the installation I noticed a lot of light coming through where the door was sealed and I noticed it was not locked. Any thoughts as to what could be causing this?

How Do I Replace an Entry Door?

I want to replace an entry door in my home. I will be replacing a door which is 34 inches wide with a new steel door that is 36 inches wide. What is the best method for replacing the door?

Exterior Door Needs Refinishing

I have an exterior door with side lights that need refinishing. Can you recommend the kind of stain and finish I should use? I would like to keep it water based. The door and sidelights are protected with storm doors.

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