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Can I expand the size of my home's basement?

Is it possible to remove one of my basement walls so that I can expand the size of the basement. Currently, the 4 basement walls are solid concrete and sit directly under the perimeter of the house, which means that the expanded basement would extend beyond the footprint of the house? What do you think of this idea?

How deep should a sump pump waste line be buried?

I am installing a sump-pump in my basement, but need to know how deep the waste line should be buried. The line will run from the basement to the ditch in front of my house. Thank you.

Basement Addition on a Sloping Lot

Our Salem, Oregon, home has 7' high visible pilings supporting the gradually sloping downhill side. We'd like to create basement addition storage room 10' x 12', with an internal stairway from the kitchen. The slope has deep soil that would have to be excavated. The alternative is to excavate a level area and outside steps and build a free-standing storage room of the same size. Which would be more cost-effective?

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