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My roofer doubled the cost in the middle of the job. Is this my fault or his?

My roofer quoted me x to do a roofing job along with a porch, we knew there would be rot, especially in the porch so we padded a few extra grand. Now he has finished the porch and says he miscalculated and the price is almost doubled for the remainder of the roof. What type of recourse do we have?

Calculating Square Footage for Home Additions

I'm trying to get a reliable estimate for a home addition at the back of my existing house in Phoenix. Because of setback requirements, it's going to be a narrow room, much wider than long. Should I call in a contractor to measure the size first or will they measure it as part of writing an estimate?

Do I need architectural drawings first to get an estimate on an additions project?

I am getting ready to go to the bank to apply for the funds to add an addition to my house. I have an architect who is suppose to draw the house plan. She is telling me I need to get a quote from the contractor before she does the drawing. So should I ask a contactor how much it is going to cost without the actual drawings? What is the general process here? Who does what first?

Tile Roof Repair: DIY or Hire a Contractor?

Our Texas home has a tile roof and I've noticed some wear-and-tear recently. I'm sure some roof repair is in order, but I'm wondering what kind of repairs I can do myself and what I should hire a contractor to work on. Isn't walking on tile supposed to be dangerous?

Options For Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Our neighbors had their kitchen cabinets refaced but were told that some would eventually need replacing anyway since the shells had lost integrity. We're looking at refacing with new veneer and plan to bring people in for quotes. What should we look for if a contractor tells us we need new cabinets entirely?

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