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What energy efficient standards should I follow when building my new house?

I want to build a new energy efficient house, but am unsure what standards to use. I am familiar with LEED certification, but I don't want to pay for the certification. Are there any government energy standards that I can get for free and give to my builder? thank you

What are the Most Efficient Wood Frame Windows?

I am considering replacing the windows in my home. However, my historic home is only allowed wood frame windows. What are the most efficient ones, and what should I expect for the average cost?

Windows for Sunroom

I have 7 windows in my sunroom and they are not very energy efficient; I estimate that I need a U Factor of .28 or better to make my sunroom air tight; in addition, I'll need the southern/western exposed windows to have a low SHGC; are windows with these factors readily accessible in this area?

Should I swap my conventional water heater for a tankless one?

I have heard that tankless water heaters are more energy efficient than conventional ones. Is it worthwhile cost-wise in the long run to replace my conventional one with a tankless in my North Carolina, home? Would I need only one? Where would I install it? What kind of savings could I expect on my utility bill?

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