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Remodeling an unfinished basement

We recently bought a new house and want to remodel the unfinished walkout basement. If we act as our own general contractor, which is a logical order to do the needed work. Also, what features are most desirable for resale (gym, home theater, office,etc)?

Installing a heater and insulation in a cold bedroom

An add-on bedroom in my house has no heat, and I'm assuming no insulation, because it is so cold in the winter. I would like to use the room as a guest room, what should I do?

Filing Complaint Against AWOL Electrician

Should start looking for another electrician and file a complaint with the contractors license board for an electrician who hasn't completed work and is unreachable?

How much does it cost to have a electric box rewire?

I have an older home, 1950's, that needs some electrical work. How much does it cost to have a electric box rewired? The whole box is a mess. What should I look for in an electrician?

Removing Redundant Electrical Wiring

I just moved into a house that has been wired and re-wired. I saw some of it on the walkthrough, but now I'm finding electric wires without caps and live ones that have never been terminated properly. Is there a system for going through all of it, or do I need to call in a real electrician?

How to Add Electrical Outlets

Each of the two bathrooms in my Shreveport, Louisiana, home has only one wall plug. What is the most cost-effective way to add electrical additional outlets?

Do I need an electrician to remove a temporary electric pole?

My builder left the temporary electric pole in my backyard. I have had meter removed by the electric company, but they said removal of the pole is my responsibility. There are wires running into the ground, so I think I need an electrician. None of the electricians I have contacted have contacted me back. Is this something that a regular electrician from the yellow pages can do?

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