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How can I improve the hot water supply in my house?

It takes several minutes for the hot water in my house to reach the kitchen faucet (which is the furthest away from the hot water heater). How can I improve this situation? Should I add a second tank or a circulation loop? Thanks in advance.

How can I stop the noise in our house from traveling through the HVAC ceiling vents?

In our house lots of noise (voices, TV, radio) travels from room to room through the ceiling vents, which are used for the home's cooling system. Is there any way to reduce the noise from traveling around?

Painting over fake wood-grain paneling

My 1,000-square-foot mobile home is in fine shape but the interiors are a dark wood-grain paneling that looks as if it's printed on the surface. Every winter I think of painting the interior a more cheerful color. Is there a paint for this? About what would a painter charge me for doing all the rooms--two bedrooms, a bath, kitchen and great room?

How can I seal my basement to keep it from leaking?

I have a basement wall that has been leaking for years. It is built out of poured concrete floor and cinderblock walls. It is underground about six feet in depth. Outside it has a concrete skirting 8-12 feet around three sides. We have tried using KILZ on the inside wall several times. I feel that it will have to be resealed from the outside. Looking for options and opinions. The size of the basement is 60 feet wide and 120 feet long.

Metal mobile home roofing problem

The metal roof on my mobile home is leaking, what is the best way to fix it when you have a limited income?

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