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What's the average cost of purchasing and installing a new air conditioner?

Our house is a 1,100 square foot single story home that has a forced-air furnace (located in the attic) with new duct work throughout. How much might it cost to add an air conditioning unit to the system?

How Do I Install a New Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

I am currently working on a bathroom remodel and installing an exhaust fan. The bathroom never had an exhaust fan before, so I am trying to decide the best way to complete the installation. There is an adjacent bathroom with an existing fan and 6" duct work vented outside. Is it acceptable and to code to tie into the existing duct work with a connector for the new fan? If not, what is the most efficient and cost effective way to install the new fan?

What can go wrong with replacing duct work insulated with asbestos?

I am buying a house that has damaged duct work that is insulated with asbestos. The seller wants to pay the contractor out of escrow at closing, but my realtor thinks it is safer for me to pay for the repairs and get reimbursed from escrow. His worry is that the contractor would not start the work until a few days before escrow closes and risks not finishing the job. What would be the concern in waiting for the last week to do the work? The house is one story, 1900 square feet.

Does my HVAC return have to be in the ceiling?

I have a split level house and right now my furnace is in the utility room directly below my kitchen. The duct runs up the full height of the house and is partially blocking the doorway into my kitchen which I would like to widen. Does the return duct have to run all the way to the attic and finish in the ceiling? Would it be possible to end the return on a main floor wall and remove the duct that runs through the main floor? Right now the duct is in such a inconvenient location in middle of the house. Thanks in advance for the advice.

Heat Pump Installation Costs for a 1950's Ranch House

I have a 1950's ranch that does not have central heat and air. I would like a ballpark figure for installation. It has an attic (which is pretty much fully floored and great for storage) and a crawl space which you do crawl in to navigate it (don't know if there is enough room for ductwork in there). Currently it has a hot water system and registers to heat the house (there is gas to heat the water). I don't know if a gas system (since there is already gas available) would be best and more cost efficient or if an electrical system for air and heat is best. I would also need ductwork installed. Thank you

What do I use to fill in my floor vents?

I have recently had my duct work put in the ceiling as my floor vents were rotting after 25 years of water in them. Although i have had sump pump for 18 years, it still happened. Someone told me to place a piece of plywood over the duct opening, dump sand into the vent and top it off with about 4" of cement. With all that said, what is going to happen to the sand and is it eventually going to settle if water is still getting in there?

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