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What is the Average Cost for a Drywall Project?

How much should an average drywall project cost?

Insulation Drywall and More Drywall

Our house has a covered back stairwell that was added after the house was built (I'm guessing in the 50's). The walls aren't insulated (just homasote in some places, drywall in others) and so it's very hot in the summer and cold in the winter. I'd like to simply just tack some polystyrene board and then cover it all with drywall but I'm not sure if this is a good idea (especially drywall-poly-drywall) or an incredibly dumb one.

Drywall is Coming Down From the Ceiling in Covered Deck

I have a private covered deck and the drywall is coming down from the ceiling. How would I repair the ceiling on the private deck? If I remove the old drywall what do I replace it with?

Can a homeowner aquire permits for drywall and other light renovation?

Can a homeowner acquire permits for drywall, light carpentry, and painting renovations to a house? Nearly all drywall has to be replaced and some carpentry work as well as full painting needed for renovations in the state of Kentucky.

How do I insulate my attic for a bedroom with 2-by-6 rafters?

I am turning my attic into a bedroom, and I am afraid to put the drywall up because I'm not sure if I insulated correctly. I only have 2-by-6 rafters, and they are not evenly spaced. I put vent trays and fiberglass insulation up. My friend nailed 2-by-2s to the bottom of each rafter. Will they support the weight of the drywall? Do I also need to put up a vapor barrier?

Any advice or opinions as to what is causing countertop separating from drywall?

My kitchen countertop (with intregal backsplash) has progressively separated from the drywall. We think it is from the drywall swelling during the winter from (what we suspect) is a lack of moisture barrier as this wall it also an exterior wall. This also happens with our master bathroom counter top. It too has an intregal backsplash pulling away from the drywall which swells during the winter, and is an exterior wall.

Putting New Wall Over Old Wall

I tore down old wood paneling and the Sheetrock behind it is somewhat damaged. I decided to just put 3/8" blue-board over the old wall. My question is. I want to put beadboard paneling half way up the wall. Should I put blueboard over all of the wall or should I just put it on the top half since the bottom will be beadboard. I just don't want a large difference in size between the paneling and new wall.

Cost Estimate to Repair Familiy Room Ceiling Drywall

The drywall is 12x12 feet. Water damaged ceiling. It will required removal and replacement and painting.

Drywall Screws or Nails for Bedroom Addition

I confess that it's been years since I hung drywall. But now I'm doing a home addition for a new bedroom. The hardware store clerk recommended using drywall screws instead of the nails I'm accustomed to using. I know both nails and screws can't leave indentations. Which method requires less patching and costs less?

Painting Wood Paneling

After spending hours and hours peeling layers of wallpaper off the walls of our living room, we reached WOOD PANELING! We had only budgeted to do the painting ourselves. How much does it cost to drywall a 15' X 12' room? Assuming we can't afford that, what is the best paint process on wood paneling?

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