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Cabinet With Drawers in My Master Bathroom

I currently have a double sink cabinet, 63 inches wide, in my master bathroom. I want to add drawers in between the sinks and have a cabinet on each side. Is this doable?

Replacing Chicago Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

One of the four stacked cabinet drawers in the kitchen has either hopped the track or the track of the glide roller is busted. It won't pull all the way out no matter what I do. I've removed as many screws as I can from the track without any luck. I don't want to damage it further. Any suggestions?

Cost of Replacing Kitchen Cabinets With Deep Drawers

I was eager to start replacing kitchen cabinets in our Portland, Maine house. I was hoping to replace some of the cabinets with spacious, deep drawers. The contractor said that this would increase my cost a great deal. Can you explain why?

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