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How Do I Create Proper Drainage for a Concrete Patio?

I am not sure what a water snake is, but it sounds interesting. Unfortunately there is no easy fix for a slab of concrete that doesn't drain properly. You could try cutting a drain into the patio where the water is pooling, but by the time you cut the slab

What Would Cause New Drainage Around House to Clog?

Due to some old drainage tiles collapsing our basement began to flood. We had a contractor put in a new drainage system around the house. After the repairs, the basement flooding stopped for a short period of time, but then returned. Nobody seems to know what would cause this problem.

Water coming into our living room from the front door.

I just moved into a studio that has water coming into our living room from the front door. How do I direct the rainwater away from into my house. I am hoping not to have to regrade. Any ideas?

How to Extend a Patio

I want to enlarge the size of my concrete patio in San Antonio. How do I pour additional concrete to tie into the existing patio and make sure I have good drainage?

Damp Basement... No Renovation?

I really want to finish our basement, but I've noticed that it can be really wet and damp sometimes. How can I know whether that will be a problem if we take on a basement renovation?

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