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Repairing water damage in a second floor laundry room

We had some water damage in our home's second floor laundry room because the drip pan, which sits under the W & D overflowed. The drain line in the drip pan failed somehow, so after the water filled up the drip pan, it overflowed, eventually soaking through to the lower level. Do I need to replace sheetrock, plywood, or insulation that got wet, but is now dry? Also, what are my options for a floor drain in the laundry room to prevent this from happening again? Thanks for your time.

Finding the source of drain pipe's flow

There is a copper drain pipe on my house which lately has water running through it. It sits next to the PVC drain pipe that connects to the house's A/C units, but I don't know what it is connected to? This past summer there was only a sporadic drip from this unidentified line, but now it is constantly flowing water. Any ideas?

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