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Front doors: Better to go custom or big box stores?

I need to replace the whole package. Transom, side-lites, and door (fiberglass) along with all the trim inside and out. House is 11 years old. Door, Transom and side-lites are in good shape but the wood is bad and has leaked inside. Have patched over the years. The builder did not use the proper wood when the house was built and many homes in the neighborhood have the same issue. Lowe's tells me my door is 1/4 inch too small and I need to go with a "custom" order through them. My gut is screaming run to another Lowe's. Question is...is it really worth my time should I go with the specialist? If I do need the "custom" Lowe's door the $$ difference will be about $2,000 is it worth it?

Does painting doors while hanging yield poor results?

We are replacing our interior doors with new solid core doors. We have had several people out but no one seems to be able to do it all (either carpenters can do plain carpentry and hang, but don't paint, or painting companies who don't do the carpentry). Everyone has said that painting should happen after the doors are hung. We are concerned that this will produce a streaky, drippy result and get paint on the hinges. Should we instead insist that someone remove the doors to paint, or paint before they are even hung in the first place? Also, our trim is painted with latex paint, but all have recommended oil-based paint for the doors. Can you provide thoughts on what to do for best results?

What are the advantages of replacing interior doors with the frame instead of slab doors?

Besides being easier for the contractor to install, what are the advantages of replacing interior doors with the frame instead of slab doors? Would one normally cost more than the other as far as the labor cost?

New Exterior Door Solution Needed for ADA Compliance

We have a 6' exterior door opening roughed out from the bedroom to a rear porch. We were going to put in a patio door. Now that my mother has had a stroke and my father, at 83 yrs old, is pushing her around in a wheelchair, we realize that the patio door, when opened and allowing for door hardware and knuckles, will be a tight fit and he'll have to push over the tracks. No good. French doors take up too much room opening in and the maneuvering around the bed and open door with the wheelchair is too hard. also, no good. Money being tight, an outward swinging door(s), pocket door or bi-fold doors would be ideal. I can easily and inexpensively get an inward swinging door or french doors at a big box store or salvage yard but would need to reverse them to swing outward. I could do the pocket door if I could find the heavy duty hardware for the hangers, but I'd have the pre-cut holes for the door hardware to contend with. Slabs would be custom ordered and expensive. I could frame and just install a storm door but it's not the best insulator. I'm open to ideas. Thanks for the help.

How much should it cost to replace wooden doors with metal doors?

How much should it cost to replace wooden doors for the same size metal doors? Threshold needs to be changed. Trim around door inside and out needs to be new. My husband can take out the existing door to save us that expense.

Where do I find suppliers for exterior bamboo doors?

I have searched all over the web and can find very little info about bamboo doors aside from some interior doors. Obviously, this is very uncommon and certainly will not be sold at your local retail store. Do you know of any national suppliers, online or offline?

Sliding doors count towards the $1500 government rebate?

Does replacing inefficient sliding doors count towards the $1500 government rebate? Our doors are well over a quarter of a century old, and moisture gets through them.

How do you leakproof a new patio door?

My new patio door leaks. It has been sealed with silicone but it still leaks underneath. We put new laminate floors in and some of it has been ruined by water damage that we thought had been fixed. The contractor never put a sealer under the door when he installed it. Needless to say he isn't our contractor anymore but the damage has already been done.

Finding Pretty, Functional French Doors

Our patio doors are very prominent in our great room and I love the look of French doors. Because we live in Tallahassee, my kids are in and out all year long so I don't think French doors would be functional. How can I find functional doors that still look pretty?

What Are Some Lower-cost Alternatives for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

We're going to put our Naples, Florida home on the market and must fix the kitchen first. The very dark cabinets are sound but have dated doors styles. What kitchen cabinet refacing ideas would lighten and update the room?

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