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What Could Cause New Exterior Door to Fail to Lock?

My husband installed an exterior door last week and it was working great. About three days after the installation I noticed a lot of light coming through where the door was sealed and I noticed it was not locked. Any thoughts as to what could be causing this?

How Do I Replace an Entry Door?

I want to replace an entry door in my home. I will be replacing a door which is 34 inches wide with a new steel door that is 36 inches wide. What is the best method for replacing the door?

What Kind of Cost and Return on Investment Can I Expect When Installing French Doors?

I am planning a double French door replacement. What is the typical cost and return on investment of this kind of replacement?

Front doors: Better to go custom or big box stores?

I need to replace the whole package. Transom, side-lites, and door (fiberglass) along with all the trim inside and out. House is 11 years old. Door, Transom and side-lites are in good shape but the wood is bad and has leaked inside. Have patched over the years. The builder did not use the proper wood when the house was built and many homes in the neighborhood have the same issue. Lowe's tells me my door is 1/4 inch too small and I need to go with a "custom" order through them. My gut is screaming run to another Lowe's. Question is...is it really worth my time should I go with the specialist? If I do need the "custom" Lowe's door the $$ difference will be about $2,000 is it worth it?

How much should it cost to replace wooden doors with metal doors?

How much should it cost to replace wooden doors for the same size metal doors? Threshold needs to be changed. Trim around door inside and out needs to be new. My husband can take out the existing door to save us that expense.

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